It is not just a title, it is our job as a marketing solutions integrator.

20 years ago, a marketing solutions integrator was a futuristic concept that very few people could understand. Today, it is a real and useful answer to the need of the marketing procurement teams of big local or global companies.

… and it is our daily job, no bullshit about it.

In my 20+ experience in marketing & advertising, I’ve learnt that great projects come with [“downsides” – some may say] great opportunities and they request grit, passion and overtime work. Embracing challenges is my favorite part of the job.

Late March, we’ve received FintechOS request to help them in the process of marketing 2 great news in their company’s life:

  1. FintechOS the global technology provider for banks, insurers and other financial services companies, has raised USD60 million in Series B funding.
  2. The FintechOS brand refresh

⊕ Project deliverables: 2 news = 2 videos

⊕ Timing: 3 weeks

⊕ Filming production in 3 European cities: Bucharest, London, Amsterdam

⊕ Bonus: communication in New York

Quite challenging, right? … Tight, but not impossible, so let’s do it.

Partnering with the best-in-class of a global network suppliers and managing them and the whole project as an airplane pilot that knows where the plane must land safely in order to get the travelers’ applauses at the end of the flight is not new for us, our only problem was time.

But hey, that’s what I was saying at the beginning: when you are passionate about your work, you don’t see the overtime as a downside, but as an opportunity to become better, to make greater projects.

<…> 3 weeks passed and 1 day early, we have delivered.

1. The greatest news video announcer: FintechOS has raised USD60 million in Series B funding

If interested, you may read more HERE

2. The rebranding video announcer

The market we operate in is constantly evolving, so we took the opportunity to refresh and mature with it while still remaining true to our initial purpose and values. We serve banks and insurers so we wanted our new look to emphasize three main brand characteristics: trust, technology, and simplicity.
SOURCE: FintechOS.com

The great work of their in-house creative team was highlighted in a playful and dynamic video – SOUND LEVEL HIGH & DON’T BLINK

And the cherry on the cake: media planning & buying for the communication of Series B announcement in New York / Times Square.

THANK YOU fintechOS for the opportunity and trust!

Client’s feedback: “you rock!”

Job done: we’ve turned maybe into now and wow
We are a global marketing solutions integrator.

With over 20 years experience in advertising and marketing, we – RAINBOWIDEA – integrate multi-disciplinary know-how and a network of global suppliers, enabling us to offer valuable cost-effective advice & solutions to our clients.

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