LeasePlan Party

“Give me solutions, don’t waste our time on blame analysis”

This simple phrase may be stressful for some people, or may be a trigger for finding solutions for others.

Imagine you are the organizer and in the middle of a big important premium event that you have set up for a client-company, you find yourself in front of a problem. What would you do when your client says to you: “Give me solutions, don’t waste our time on blame analysis”?

At rainbowidea we define ourselves as problem-solvers 
and not because it is a marketing hook for clients, but because this is who we really are, this is how we think and this is how we continuously train ourselves to be on a daily basis.

Although everything was perfectly set in place, the venue, the hostesses, the welcome, the band, the branding, the food, the drinks, … what could go wrong?

A sweet error happened, it could have become a drama, a panic, a nervous breakdown… maybe.

For us, it was a moment of hype, high adrenaline followed by gratitude that we are so lucky to have a client that knows how to trigger us and get the best of us – finding solutions in 1 minute that can save the event in another 10 minutes.

Our main learning: the unpredictable is always present no matter how experienced and in-control you may be. Having a client with a similar mindset is a blessing.

We turn maybe into now and wow can also translate situations like this one, where we play with the “unpredictable” not because we are not prepared and we like to play with risks, but because integrating multiple suppliers for one show involves multiple teams with a mix of people. And some people make mistakes (voluntarily or involuntarily) because humans make mistakes.

What’s important is to keep up your problem-solver mindset and react fast.

Curious to know more about this project? Check this video 👇


As a global marketing solutions integrator, we have been selected to help LeasePlan Romania team with internal and external communication. Thus, we have been trusted to play our part in the planning and implementation of LeasePlan global concepts to the local Romanian market covering a wide range of services: ATL, BTL, PR & DIGITAL.

Flexible and agile, we do understand how important it is to learn our client internal processes and speak the same “language”, so we usually act like their own marketing team although we keep our part as marketing solutions integrator.

We analyze and understand the commercial and management team needs from the business perspective and give our mix of integrated marketing solutions that are cost-efficient and results-oriented.

With over 20 years experience in advertising and marketing, we integrate multi-disciplinary know-how and a network of global suppliers, enabling us to offer valuable cost-effective advice & solutions to our clients.

We are problem-solvers.

Where you see a problem, we see a challenge with at least 2 solutions.

Do you have a challenge for us?

Let’s talk.