What is a marketing solutions integrator & why you need it?

When you work globally with multiple suppliers in order to solve your marketing projects (a creative agency, a digital agency, a media agency, an events agency, a production agency or even better, more production agencies for each type of production: print, promotional, POSM, audio-video; a PR agency and so on), you know how difficult it is for you and your team to maintain control of spending & of action on each of them.

Sometimes, when you have a campaign that needs them all at once, it gets harder if you have to get them to work together within a short deadline. It’s not impossible, and most of the times you have probably succeeded.

Real solutions for budget control & projects predictability

But what if, you could do this better? With more control? … more predictability? What if you would have one supplier for all your needs, that integrates the services you need and offers you a common language for all…

And no, it is not a full-service agency that does it all with it’s own resources, it is a marketing solutions integrator that translates your marketing needs through their multi-disciplinary marketing know-how and offers you access to a network of verified global suppliers in time, on budget, for each campaign.

“46% of the procurement leaders believe lack of data integration is the most important barrier for the effective application of digital technology in procurement.” The Deloitte Global CPO Survey, 2018

Local resources integrated with global projects through marketing know-how

With over 20 years experience in advertising and marketing, we integrate multi-disciplinary marketing know-how and a solid/verified network of global suppliers, enabling us to deliver purchasing/sourcing marketing optimization through valuable cost-effective advice & solutions to our clients.

Last year, for example, when one of our global clients had changed the tagline we have succeeded in delivering in 12 days, in 13 countries (EMEA region), thousands of t-shirts that were used in the same day, on social media channels by each of the client’s teams. Delivering on time, was not new for us, we knew we can do it as we work with reliable suppliers that help us make things happen “hocus-pocus”. The fact that the cost per branded t-shirt was the same no matter the country of delivery, gave us all control of spending. The only differences in costs appeared from the courier companies, but we kept them very transparent, as “transparent reports” are our usual way of work with all of our clients.

Our focus is on solutions so that your focus remains on results

If you want to have your company’s e-store, where your global teams can order branded materials for their needs (in offices, at clients meetings, events, exhibitions) without worrying about cost-differences per country or quality-differences per supplier, let’s get in touch. We know how to do it, as we have already done it.

And, if we tell you that your branded e-store can become a punch-out catalogue, directly linked with your procurement systems, don’t you think it can improve your marketing and procurement teams’ activities?

Focus on what’s important and let us do the bugging work of details. Let’s talk!