Every crisis has its opportunities.

We learnt that Covid-19 crisis has had also good effects on people. Not any people. On us. On our clients. On our suppliers. On the people that live in our reality circle.

After a year of repeated lockdowns we’ve learnt that business does not end, when you are agile, when you are flexible in mind and actions, when you put your emotional intelligence first.

Be ready for change at any age, in any place. Be the change! – This is a life lesson that goes from parents to children and it is so, so true.

With this in mind, and based on our core values, we didn’t change what we do (our services), but the way we do it. We kept on doing what we love most: Solve marketing problems. Offer marketing solutions on time and in budget.

We are a global marketing solutions integrator.

Together with our clients we have learnt that being agile & flexible offers a leverage that not too many companies can have.

Let’s take the automotive market for example.

The challenge: there are fewer visitors in dealers’ showroom (results of the new pandemic rules)

The solution: Stay together with your clients, potential future clients, your car brand lovers, online. Spend more time with them in the digital ecosystem. Let them see you active in their little screens from their pocket or the big screen from the home office. Be there! And they will come to you.

As an external marketing team for BMW XCARS MURES since 2017, we’ve seen how important it is for a BMW client to see the car model with his/her eyes > to touch it > to feel it > and buy it.

Therefore, BMW XCARS Mures became more active and more present in the digital world, using all the professional and safe GDPR ways to keep close contact in no-touch meetings with its clients.


“Mobile internet enjoyed accelerated growth, while TV reversed its consumption trend among the 18-49 Urban segment. In spite of mobility restrictions, people continued to be in the streets, with only a slight decrease compared to pre-pandemic times, over Jun-Dec 2020” –

Source: SNA Capi / BRAT Romania Feb18-Mar20 & Jun20-Dec20, all 18-49 urban population (extract from Romania Media Landscape 2020 by Initiative media) 

Back in the 2000’s the marketing rule no.1 was: “if you are not on TV, you don’t exist”.

Today, if you are not online, you don’t exist. 

“In Romania, there is a total of 12.8M Internet users, most of them going online daily.”

Source: National Statistics Institute via Initiative Media Report 2021 (extract from Romania Media Landscape 2020 by Initiative media) 

“Most of the urban digital population can be found daily on Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp. 

Secondary platforms and content & utility providers have lower daily reach, but can be important touchpoints for certain demographics. Also, our data only covers users over 14, while some platforms (especially secondary ones) have much younger users.”

Source: SNA FOCUS CAPI MAI18-OCT20, 14-74 ani, National Weighted sample (extract from Romania Media Landscape 2020 by Initiative media) 

We’re just curious: what changed in the last 6 months in your buying behavior?

We’ve seen people buying online luxury models, without physically touching the car, an unbelievable behavior but surely one that we’ll embrace ourselves in the near future as well.

We’d love to hear what you think on this subject as we are continuously studying it both at local and global level.

We are an agile team, ready to help you optimize your marketing spend and personalize customer communication. This helps your company cultivate sustainable growth and outperform competitors.

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